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Halles Saint-Géry

The task

Les Halles Saint-Géry (or de St Gorikshallen in Flemish) is nothing less than a Brussels institution. A creative, historic hub where people from all over town meet for (cultural) events, expositions, vintage markets, … or simply to have a drink with some friends. It reflects Brussels’ diversity in all its facets, from its bilingual character to the wide variety of cultural influences.
The people behind Les Halles Saint-Géry felt that their current branding didn’t represent this image anymore. It was time for a serious rebranding! As a true Brussels agency, we were of course extremely motivated to work on their rebranding. A couple of workshops later, Les Halles Saint-Géry was luckily as happy as we were to work together on this project.

The solution

Finding a solution to the bilingual nature of their logo soon proved to be a challenge as complicated as our own small country. Fortunately, our talented designers found a way to combine the two names in one elegant logo. Modern, timeless and a true eye catcher.
Combined with a bold colour palette and some very recognisable icons, the branding quickly started taking shape and captivated with success the Brussels’ colourful spirit that’s so inherent to Les Halles Saint-Géry’s core identity.
It was truly an honour to work for this iconic place and we hope to see you soon there to grab a beer (or two)! 


Halles Saint-Géry

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