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Functional aesthetics

We love all things beautiful, but graphic design is never art for art's sake. Our designs are aesthetically functional. They always serve a purpose, whether to inform, convert, delight or entertain. Our use of colour, typography and space is all determined by the information, type of medium and objective of the project. Form and function become one. One doesn’t exclude the other, instead they reinforce each other to generate the biggest impact.

Our design team offers a variety of skill sets. From specialised knowledge of print design to cutting-edge digital design trends or handcrafted illustrations and lettering, with impact. As our tight-knit office structure allows the creative process to flow freely between our designers to always ensure the best result.

  • Visual identity 01

    We bring your brand to life with a clever mix of typography, logo design and choice of colour and voice. All backed by a targeted positioning strategy.

  • Packaging 02

    Luxury wrapping services, if you like. You have your product, we develop the packaging from concept to actual production. At all times, custom-made from scratch.

  • Editorial design 03

    Our love for magazines has been a crucial part of Absolute’s DNA since the beginning. From consumer magazines to boost your brand to an in-house magazine to strengthen your employer branding.

  • Layout 04

    We make your message visible in the most effective way. Our design vision channelled into your brochures, flyers, annual reports, etc.

  • Paper 05

    In a world dominated by all things digital, paper tends to get overlooked. Not at Absolute. Our passion for and belief in paper as a medium will never fade. We assist you from the choice of paper to the printing.

  • Photo shoot 06

    Whether to boost your brand, promote a product or add a personal touch to your publications, we can organise your photo shoots. On set, on location, with or without models. Whatever you need.

  • Typography 07

    We tend to get a little geeky when it comes to typography. Leading, kerning, contrast, alignment, whitespace, … Nothing is a coincidence, everything has a purpose.

  • Illustration 08

    By hand or digital, an illustration is the best way to go if you want to make your publication truly unique. Or what about hand lettering? Where our love for typography and illustration comes together.


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