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The battle for attention

We all know the drill: content is king. But are you king/queen of your content? We strongly believe that content marketing has a huge impact on brand awareness and can turn strangers into brand ambassadors. But only if you are the master of your own strong content strategy.

We help you set up an inbound marketing strategy that will assist you in winning the battle for your audience’s attention and result in true tangible business value. From helping you determine your purpose and goals to defining your audience and brand voice, we support you in creating your unique brand story aimed at long-lasting engagement.

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    It’s all about timing. Our content marketers strategically put the content in an editorial calendar for optimal results and impact.

  • ROI 02

    Content marketing might seem all fun and games, but of course you want to know its business value. We closely monitor all investments of every campaign and report our critical analysis and financial projections to you in full transparency.

  • Content creation 03

    From the initial idea through to the last letter in your blog post, our multilingual content team can tackle every subject in a clear way, adapting it to your brand’s tone of voice.

  • Audience 04

    We write for people, not for brands. Our primary goal is always to create content that your defined audiences can relate to. That’s the only way to create the long-lasting engagement we strive for.

  • Inbound marketing strategy 05

    We captivate your clients by creating the content they crave. It’s cost-effective and will convert strangers into customers.

  • Podcast 06

    Podcasts are one of the most attractive forms of content there are right now. They feel like a 1-to-1 conversation on pretty much any subject, that you can listen to wherever you want. The perfect way to connect with your audience! That’s why we developed the in-house expertise to produce podcasts ourselves. Give Inside Comm’ a listen if you want to know more!


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