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Anders Brouwerij
Tropical Milkshake IPA Branding

The task

Anders is an innovative Belgian brewery that is committed to delighting beer fans all over the world. Anders asked us to design the identity and label for their latest brew: the Tropical Milkshake IPA. As certified beer geeks, we were of course more than happy to take on this challenge!

The solution

Absolute created both the label and the identity of this Tropical Milkshake IPA. Anders wanted a quirky design, illustrating the innovative ingredients that are used to produce the beer. Absolute answered the call with a vector design illustration, combining the ingredients with some summer style elements that express the spirit of the beer. A perfect mix of tropical vibes, exotic fruits and pastel yet punchy colours!







Primary color

  • #7cc9d1
  • #00629f
  • #fbd23e
  • #1b2a4b
  • #e34d4e
  • #3b3b7b

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