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Corporate video and annual report content platform

The task

The Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment — catchy name, we know — is a Belgian government organisation that organises health care, ensures food product safety, promotes animal and plant health, and strives for a high-quality environment for all. For their Food and Environment department, they wanted to create a video that explained to the Belgian public in a concise way the vast amount of initiatives they undertake. Besides that, they also wanted to innovate the way they presented their Annual Report. This had always been a paper publication, so it was time for the Report to enter the digital age.

The solution

First of, we put our motion design skills to work to create a colourful, cartoon-like video that explained in simple and clear language the most important aspects of the Food and Environment department. We put a great deal of effort in the design of the many characters, animals and other visual elements, and the many sound effects that matches the motion design perfectly. For the report, we developed a user-friendly and innovative content platform where all Annual Reports could be seamlessly read by anyone. Besides that we created an easy-to-use back office where our client could easily adapt and create future annual reports.





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