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Canal Wharf Branding

The task

The Canal neighborhood in Brussels is quickly becoming one of the city’s trendiest hotspots. As our office is only 500m away from the Canal, we have been first-hand eye-witnesses to this major change. When AG Residential asked us to develop the branding, website and brochure for their Canal Wharf project, it spoke to us right away. With our expertise in real estate combined with our knowledge of the area, we rose to the challenge.

The solution

Located across the street from Tour & Taxis, the Canal Wharf project is right next to the iconic crane used to unload barges. We used this recognizable symbol as a pillar in the branding. The rest of the style is decidedly pure with an urban feel to it. Both the website and the brochure highlight the architecture of this project and its qualities. Valuable assets for AG Residential to encourage people to invest in Canal Wharf!


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