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Inside Comm’ #17
Recreating the Coffee Machine Catch-Up Remotely

Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud


February 11, 2021

Hello everyone, I’m Hélène Renaud, co-founder of Absolute Agency, and you’re listening to Inside Comm’.
During this podcast, we’ll explore the different issues and facets of internal communication in 2021! 🙂
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As I record this, the prospects for the start of 2021 are not looking great…
In some European countries, the curves are rising to dangerous levels and the emergence of variants is a painful blow…
As a Manager or HR Director, there’s a real fear that team morale could plummet.
In this episode I’ve decided to cover a lighter subject, and you’ll no doubt agree it’s what we need in these times of seemingly endless social distancing.
I’ve looked around at what some companies are doing to help informal or perhaps in-house exchanges take place…
Here’s a few I found interesting 🙂

The first is organising fun competitions on company social networks.
At Absolute, we use Slack, as does Qonto (a French online bank)… so why not arrange a few fun challenges on one of your channels!
At Qonto, a challenge is set every Wednesday and Friday and soon sees everyone involved!
The line-up includes photo contests offering awards for the nicest workspaces snapped, or prizes going to the whackiest outfit someone has on, or perhaps a list of 60 films written entirely in emojis that you have to guess.

I’ve already told you about this in a previous episode, but it’s worth another mention!
Why not organise a random remote lunch with one of your colleagues?
Using the Tribalee app, you can set this up automatically and then let fate decide your lunch with 3 other colleagues!

And finally, one last idea that we’ve had in place at Absolute since the 1st lockdown and that we do every 3 weeks or so; it’s the mini training sessions we run on Friday morning!
While enjoying a coffee, everyone can learn more about an area of expertise from another team member.
The subjects are as varied as the skills and talents!
It can be inspiring (like watching our video team’s latest creations) or much more technical, like marketing automation with our very own expert in this field!

Just one final piece of advice for the road! Don’t forget to also celebrate those unsung victories and achievements!
This helps bring everyone together, even remotely, and at the same time keeps them in the loop about company news.
Yes, these are difficult times, but there’s also an opportunity here to refocus on what’s important: the connections that unite us.

The good news is our digital age lets us do this.

See you soon for another episode!

By Hélène Renaud


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