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Inside Comm’ #24
with Angélique de Taddeo from AB Tasty

Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud

Hello everyone, I’m Hélène Renaud, co-founder of Absolute Agency, and you’re listening to Inside Comm’.
During this podcast, we’ll explore the different issues and facets of internal communication in 2021! 🙂
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Today more than ever, a company can differentiate itself from its competitors through its corporate culture…

This is what makes each company unique, and means that although two companies can follow the same strategy, have the same structures, use the same management techniques, they will always be differentiated by their corporate culture… and will therefore be appealing in their own way.

This was the starting point for Angélique de Taddeo and the co-founders of AB Tasty, the well-known French scale-up specialising in AB testing of large e-commerce sites.

Angélique’s goal within the company is to ensure that the experience of the employee throughout their time in the company is the best it can be!

An admirable goal, you’d have to agree 😉

So what about you, are you doing something in your company to ensure employees enjoy a fulfilling experience?