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Creating content in an industry
you don’t think is sexy

Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud


I’ve no doubt many of you are convinced that content marketing is a good type of marketing…

Smarter and more interesting and inspiring than traditional marketing…

But many of you also think that content marketing isn’t for your business, because it’s not sexy enough or is seen as somewhat boring.

Well, you’re wrong!

In fact, it may well be the opposite…

Because if you start from this premise, and most people do, no content will ever be produced, so the business field remains hazy and vague…

This is in fact the case for many fields… especially the financial, chemical and medical fields, as well as energy, insurance and so on.

This gaping hole in some business fields offers a prime opportunity for creating quality content that shakes up the status quo, becoming ‘top of mind’ in the heads of your prospects, partners and clients, in turn raising your company’s profile…

First, we advise that you talk to your colleagues in the Sales department or the product managers.

They’re the ones who know the questions most frequently asked by your end-users.

Based on these discussions, you can build an element of your content pillars through simplifying and streamlining all the questions and queries triggered by your product or service.

Another part of your content can be built by heading out and meeting your customers.

Look for stories that show how your product has an impact.

Get case studies, record customer testimonials.

Finally, the last thing to do when looking for topics is to check what the competition is doing…

Not to copy of course, but rather to differentiate yourself, bring originality and, above all, enhance the quality and relevance of information.

Analysing other business fields will also enable you to compile best practices.

Just be wary of one thing…

Your content doesn’t have to be all about your product, we can’t stress that enough.

It needs to talk about problems they solve, situations they’re used in.

You need to add value rather than sell!

At Absolute, we apply the 70/30 rule… i.e. 70% inspirational content, 30% product or service content, directly related to your business.

That’s the content marketing strategy in a nutshell 😉

Once you’ve listed the different topics to cover in your content strategy, the next tip is: keep it simple and visual…

A picture, computer graphic, video or carousel is worth more than 1000 words.

So, translate your ideas in the simplest way possible.

Avoid jargon and business terms.

If this article has convinced you to start exploring a content strategy for your business, that makes my day!