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Creating content in the insurance field

créer du contenu dans le domaine des assurancescréer du contenu dans le domaine des assurancescréer du contenu dans le domaine des assurances
Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud


Our client:

Hiscox has been a client of the agency for several months now.

This British insurance company provides high-quality products and services to its customers. At the end of last year, the head of Benelux communication told us about the company’s need to digitalise the brand and become more widely known.

A specific feature of the insurance world is that the target audience is twofold, since insurance is offered through brokers.

Up until that point, traditional techniques had been used to touch base with its different target audiences.

Absolute’s proposal:

The process began by holding a meeting with our client to understand its issues, needs and priorities.

Communication with its brokers is ensured through regular meetings between them and the parent company, the organisation of events and other more informal relationships.

With this in mind, our task was to forge a relationship with the end customer and to increase their awareness of the brand.

The need to digitalise the brand and the gaping hole in terms of Hiscox’s social networks led us to propose content creation on an Insta page designed specifically for this.

A link to the company’s LinkedIn page is also possible for certain topics selected, in accordance with the rules of this network.

The personae analysis resulted in the creation of an entire series of themes and topics designed to speak to the different target audiences.

Topics covered the economy, real estate, Web3, luxury, sports, art and a whole lot more.

Like a magazine, we then put together an editorial content plan, taking care to vary the pleasures in terms of subject, angle and how they are handled.

The page was recently launched, and we are constantly adding to it.

If you fancy discovering and following our adventures, and those of Hiscox, click here: