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Inside Comm’ #16
Interview with Aurélie Meurs

Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud


February 11, 2021

Welcome to Inside Comm’, the podcast in which I explore the internal communication landscape!
I’m Hélène Renaud, the host of this podcast. You’ll get to know me throughout these episodes where I alternate between shorter episodes with some quick tips & tricks and slightly longer episodes where I discuss with internal communicators some best practices and some of their inspiring projects.

Getting a powerful message across to your colleagues is an art. What if you used video to boost your internal communication? We bet it will make it so much more dynamic and it will add a lot more emotion to it. That’s exactly what Aurélie Meurs, my new guest on Inside Comm’, did.
Aurélie works on the internal communication of Elia, a large Belgian group and she regularly uses vlogs to take her audience with her and meet her colleagues! In this new episode, she goes through this concept with me and gives us some keys if you want to implement this idea in your company! 😊

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By Hélène Renaud

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