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How to Write a Good Briefing for an Agency

Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud



September 30, 2021

This may seem obvious to you, but we still wanted to write an article about it.
In an agency, the briefing is almost the most important thing and must be given special care.

As a marketing/communication manager, you never get bored for a second… Too little time, too few human and material resources to carry out all your projects… Between the various campaigns, the strategy, the pressure from the salespeople, … We know that your time is limited and that the brief is not the most fun thing to do, but we can assure you that a well-constructed briefing is a big part of the project’s success and can help you and us reach the deadline faster.

If you want the agency you’ve selected to be creative, your brief must also make sense and be relevant. And the more relevant your brief is, the faster you will reach your deadline and the better your objectives will be served.

At Absolute Agency, we’re nice people and we suggest that we have a look together at how to write a complete brief that will allow your agency to offer you the best creations.

In our opinion, the briefing is based on the following 6 main steps: 


The context

First of all, we start with the context. Of course, the advantage of working with an agency for some time is the knowledge they have of your company, your brand and the market you operate in. But that doesn’t mean that the first thing you can do when writing your brief is to put your marketing action or request into a general context. The agency is not always in your immediate environment and some information might be useful for them to understand the subject of the brief. So don’t hesitate to go into detail and describe the company and its mission more broadly.


The objectives

Secondly, and this is perhaps the most important point, share some of your objectives. Tangible and clear objectives. Let’s be clear, making a good campaign can’t be considered as an objective. It must be linked to the business. What do you expect from this campaign? For example, to increase awareness, or to increase sales, to raise awareness on a specific topic, etc.


The strategic part

After the objectives, let’s talk strategy! Explain the action plan that goes hand in hand with the campaign from a business or product point of view. What will your target be? Your solution or the product?


The constraints

It’s also very important to determine your constraints precisely. The agency can’t know everything. 


The deliverables and timing

Next, explain exactly what you expect from the agency in terms of deliverables and timing. It is important to provide a sufficient framework for the project so that the agency can put it into its planning with full knowledge of the project’s requirements.


The budget

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to specify your budget. The more consistent your budget is, the quicker your agency will be able to make the most appropriate proposal possible. This, of course, is to ensure that you waste as little time as possible.

In short, taking care of your brief saves time and money and ensures that you get a good campaign! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

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