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Anne-So’s Favourite Motion Designers

Anne-Sophie Cayon


Anne-Sophie Cayon



March 30, 2021

Anne-So, illustrator and motion designer at Absolute, shares with us some of her favourite creatives and sources of inspiration. Dive into her world with us!


Parallel studio

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Parallel Studio is an agency working with luxury brands. Based in Paris, they have a highly polished aesthetic. They have this rare ability to be super creative and innovative while respecting the codes and constraints of luxury brands, which often have very advanced artistic directions.


Seed animation Studio

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I personally love the offbeat tone of their projects and the humour that only animation can bring by focussing on life. My favourite video is undoubtedly this one:

They know how to exploit the concrete with brilliance and are less into abstract concepts, which makes them unique in a way. Tthrough their projects, you can feel a big influence of animation (characters, situation, development, ending, …). The humour is very clever: motion design allows to convey a message with humour, relevance and impact, which would be more complex with a filmed video project with real people/actors.


Emmanuele Kabu

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Emmanuele Kabu is a jack-of-all-trades who likes to mix different techniques (photos, rotoscoping, paper cuts, etc). I love to discover new bands/artists through his work as a motion designer. You can feel a lot of different influences in his work, which is very rich and vast.


Passion Paris

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Passion Paris is a great team that offers many quality projects. They’re very versatile, whether it is 3D or 2D. Many staff picks on Vimeo. They have an undeniable strength in creating a unique identity for each project, which is a real challenge!


Dirk Koy

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Dirk Koy is probably the most experimental and surrealist of my personal selection. He likes to play with the layering of images. My brain loves what I call “reality twists”.


Eliot Lim

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Eliot Lim is simply amazing. I like the way everything flows and is enhanced by a beautiful sound design. A small mention to “The Wire”, a project for which he had the audacity to do everything himself!


Author : Anne-Sophie Cayon

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