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Mathieu Bonte


Mathieu Bonte



August 19, 2020

Meet Jean, our multi-talented digital designer who combines his passion for technology with his love for thoughtful esthetics. We sat down with him to talk about his inspirations, aspirations, and creative after-work projects.

From video games to digital design

Jean decided to move from France to Belgium when he was about 19 years old – already eight years ago – to study at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquart at the web & mobile design department. “Actually, at first, my dream was to specialise in video game conception, but at some point during my training, my interest in web design took over. Kinda by surprise!”

After graduating, he started working right away on several diverse projects, before he specialised in illustration and design. “I started working at a Belgian agency as a web and prepress designer where my collabs with VéBé motivated me into developing my (graphic) design skills. I’m grateful to him because meeting him really was a turning point in my career.”

With his skills on point, Jean wanted to work on more significant projects in a more versatile environment. “That’s when I saw Absolute’s job post, and I just knew I wanted to land a job interview … and the job itself! At that moment, Absolute was right in the middle of expanding their digital department, so I was very excited to be part of this.”

Proud of his work

During his first year at Absolute, Jean has already worked on some great projects. “I was thrilled that they trusted me with the development of a new brand identity for AG Residential. It was a dream project for me, where I could combine my digital expertise with my design skills.” 

Another project Jean is proud of was the design of Absolute’s new website. “It was the perfect opportunity to show my new team what I’m capable of. Even though I already have some ideas on how we can improve the new website!”

Jean’s most complete work must’ve been SPF Santé’s new website. “For this project, I had to develop the digital strategy, the UI/UX, the design, and had to work with the development team, as well.”

Last but not least, Jean also wanted to mention a project he did with some colleagues – albeit not for Absolute. “I had a lot of fun working with Pablo and Math on the branding and website for the Chalk Custom Board, managed by ‘Chalk Custom Board Project’.”

On to the future

What does the future look like for Jean? “I want to participate in more big branding projects where I have to push hard to create meaningful designs. I would also love to be able to apply my UX/UI skills to the world of video games and mobile apps. But right now, I just want to continue to develop Absolute’s digital department by taking my responsibilities and supporting the agency’s growth.”

Absolute’s touch

After one year, Jean feels right at home at Absolute. “I value the confidence they have in me, which leads to a lot of creative freedom and the opportunity to work on large projects. I know it sounds ‘cliché’, but the crazy good mood and the respect for each other is something that stands out to me. I feel like it’s become scarce these days…”

Nothing is perfect

Of course, there is always room for improvement. “Sometimes, I would like to have more time for certain projects where I feel I could push myself a bit further. But I think this is a challenge every creative agency has to deal with … The most important thing is that everyone is aware of the amount of time that goes into certain projects.”

Electronic music and monsters

Jean’s creative aspirations go well beyond digital and graphic design. “I’m passionate about electronic music. My digital musical experiments might be a bit irregular at the moment, but I know it’s a passion inside of me that erupts from time to time. A bit like a volcano! Let’s say that it’s another aspect of my love for all things digital. Besides music, I love to sketch and draw. Especially things that are influenced by science fiction and horror movies.” You can find some of Jean’s major sources of inspiration here and here

At the intersection of his creative skills

Being a creative at heart, Jean never stops dreaming. “I have always had this idea in my mind, but it hasn’t concretised yet. I dream of developing a project where I combine permaculture with my passion for the digital world … I don’t know yet how, where, or when … But intuitively I know that at some point in my life this project will take form. Creating a sustainable digital world … or a digitally sustainable world? I would also love to mix my design skills with my music skills … Because in the end, electronic music is geometry… So there are probably a lot of interesting things to do when combining both…”

If you want to find out more about Jean’s creative world, you can have a look at some of his personal work on his website

-Interview by Mathieu Bonte

-Writing by Louis Liekens

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