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Helene Renaud


Helene Renaud


Our secret? To never rest on our laurels, to always question ourselves and to think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

But life is not a straightforward journey, especially for a medium-sized communications agency that has always wanted to remain independent. Covid and its long remote working hours, its impact on the economy, the slowing down of clients’ decisions, the loss of reference points and the anguish of having to start anew, … The list is long!

Well, it’s right in this kind of adversity that it is more important than ever to keep our heads up to see as far ahead as possible and to visualise the direction we want to take, the ambition we want to carry, and the means needed to achieve this.

Our strategic development towards a full-service agency began 16 years ago and to continue to ensure and support this development, we felt it was essential to be able to consolidate our expertise (video, digital, branding, content, print) in an even stronger way.

On an organisational level, Hélène Renaud, co-founder of the agency, is focusing on Absolute’s strategy and ambitions for the coming years. She is in permanent contact with the actors of the world of entrepreneurship and communication to take Absolute further. She will continue to produce and host the 2 podcast series she started in 2020. Change, which is a weekly discussion with an inspiring entrepreneur, and Inside Comm’, which looks at the world of internal communication and employer branding.

Mathieu Bonte is now Managing Director of the agency, after four years as Marketing & Communication Director.

We invite you to follow us closely over the next few months, as we are sure you will be interested in some great projects, whether for your company, your product or service, or even yourself.