Uber’s New Identity. What changed and why?

Identity Published by: Gael DelombreTue, Jan 10, 2017

Lots of (digital) ink has been spilled on Uber’s new look. So I decided to chip in and have a closer look at this company and analyze how they evolved. Both in how they manage their business, and their visual identity. I’m not going to bore you with another song of praise on the “uberisation”, but rather put their progression under a magnifying glass.

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A new identity

In February 2016, Uber introduced its new visual identity to the public. The last update to their identity already went back to 2012. With this change, Uber aimed at evolving their ever-changing business model. From an exclusive limousine service for a hundred of friends, to a mobile network, active in 400 cities in 68 countries; Uber’s tentacles reach further and further. Especially now they’re extending their scope to food and delivery services as well, it was time for an update.

New logo

The update of the Uber logo gives the brand a fresh new look and confirms at the same time the evolution of their image. By thickening the font, they increased the readability of the logo and made it also more recognizable. It is obvious that with this typographical choice, they want to reach a larger audience.




Refresh the visual identity? Mission accomplished!

When Uber launched their new identity, they didn’t achieve their goal in the eyes of the public right away. A lot of critics were quick to joke on social media about the, in their eyes, lazy rebranding. But it’s undeniable that eventually, the evolution of their image and identity appears to be nothing but successful, and above all, very complete. They put a lot of thought into the storytelling around their brand to distance themselves from their original image, which was rather stiff and cold. Uber has now a more geometric visual style, enriched by a large palette of colors, pictograms, illustrations, different themes, pictures, etc.




Next to that, there was also their app’s big update. The slogan of the new version of their app? “The new Uber app is faster, smarter, and designed around you”. The launch of a separate website, including this video, to present the update proves that this is a big deal for them. The interface has become a lot more intuitive and the UX is reduced to the simple question “Where to?”. Don’t forget to update the app here! You won’t regret it.

Uber goes beyond transport

Maybe you’ve seen them cruise around Brussels already: the delivery boys & girls on their bike with “UBER EATS” written on their box. The Deliveroo bikes have been roaming our streets for a while, but now Uber wants to attack the food delivery market in Brussels too. Unfortunately, TakeEatEasy, the Belgian food delivery pioneers, had to throw in the towel recently. This, however, didn’t discourage Uber Eats to try to conquer their spot in the ruthless market of food delivery.


Uber interior!

Fan of interior design? What about architecture? Then make sure to check out Uber’s amazing new offices in San Francisco, designed by O+A.


Whether you are convinced by Uber’s changes, you can’t deny that they have put a lot of thought into their new identity. Inspiring! We’re left with only one question though: what can we expect from them in the future? Wait and see 😉

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