The Story Behind: Instagram’s New Logo and Visual Style

Design, Identity Published by: Gael DelombreWed, Sep 21, 2016

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Instagram revealed its new logo and identity last May. Its main application and secondary applications (Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomrang) now share the same clean and consistent design.

To complete the propagation of the new identity, you probably couldn’t miss the GIF about the creation of the new logo as seen by Internet users. The logo artist has been mocked for choosing shading for the famous icon…it can be obtained with just a few clicks!


People generally don’t like change…However, it should be noted that this change has spilled a lot of ink (ha ha ha) on social networks. Yet, behind the design some find too minimalistic and simple, are well-thought-out changes…



Instagram has put more spirit and emotion into its brand with its new marketing and identity. The storytelling lets it change its positioning over time while maintaining the foundations of a well-established brand. “YOU” the user, are placed at the heart of the change and are its lead actors. Without you/us, nothing would be possible. The first sentence of the video “Inspired by the amazing things you do” is proof. Instagram is focusing its new marketing on an inspiring community: you! More information here.

DESIGN 2016:

Contrary to popular belief, we’re miles away from a “simplistic” design that lacks vision. This is a very well-thought-out design. The many proposals for the logo design, the colours and the shapes shown in the video bear witness to in-depth know-how and reflection. Facebook, a giant worth billions, has owned Instagram since 2012. It’s highly unlikely that its graphic choices are left to chance. The result is a very simple but effective logo with curves that make the design more “friendly”.


In addition to its logo/icon, Instagram also revisited the interface to its application. We’re plunged into a pared-down universe in which white predominates sober browsing to better highlight the images.


Since it launched its new graphic identity, Instagram has also brought out new “tools” over the months which expand the application’s scope. We’ve recently discovered the ability to zoom on pictures and create company accounts, Instagram analytics to manage publications, a publication boost, automatic comment moderation and the famous Instagram Stories to compete with Snapchat. A user war has been declared! 😉

With this change in identity, which is more well-managed evolution than real change, Instagram has further strengthened its presence as one of the major social networks. It would appear to have a bright future ahead of it and a growing community. “You come together”.

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