The Story Behind: Absolute’s New Identity

Absolute, Design, Identity Published by: Louis LiekensWed, Sep 21, 2016

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To grow is to change. It’s a valuable lesson that we strongly take to heart at Absolute. That’s why, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we decided to boldly reinvent our identity. On one hand, a lot of proverbial blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of a revamped visual style. On the other hand, we took time to reflect on ourselves, and positioned ourselves ever more firmly in the modern communication business, taking into account both the challenges of today and the new skills and strengths we have built up over the years.

Our colors

As you read this, you’ll be surrounded by the results of our creative process. The first thing you might notice is our new color palette. Absolute has always been a colorful agency. We wanted to keep it that way by focusing more on hues of red, pink, purple and orange. These warm colors represent our creativity, humanity, and even generosity, if you like.


To contrast these colors, we played around with white quite a lot too. The best example of this is probably our logo. This used to be a very bright one, containing the whole color spectrum. We decided it was time for something new and went back to the pure basics, resulting in a modern and minimalist logo that works well in every environment. You’ll find this interplay between the warm colors and white all over our website.

Our typography

We like contrasting not only colors, but also typography. Our font of choice, not the font you’re reading though, is friendly & personal, classic & modern at the same time, the right amount of minimalism & warmth; basically a font that sums up our new identity perfectly. To contrast this font and our rectangular design, our hand-lettering expert created several calligraphy illustrations. These symbolize the creative passion we put into our work. Needless to say, we like it a lot.

Our image

If you think that the reason we gave ourselves a prominent place in our new communication is vanity, you’re only half right. Just kidding. We wanted to show that we’re not just an agency, but a collective of creative individuals who team up in different ways to always come up with the best result for our clients. This requires a human touch, which is clearly reflected in our work and the atmosphere at Absolute.


Our work

You might also notice that the projects we post on our website have become very diverse. This is no coincidence of course. Over the years, our business has grown in a lot of different directions. From print, which was our core business when we started, we developed into digital and video specialists as well. We’re excited to invite you to check out some of our selected works here.

All these elements put together represent us. The passion we put in our work. Our personal approach to creativity. Our dynamic productivity. This is Absolute. We hope you enjoy our new style as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Team Absolute

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