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Branding Cinoco 325 Years

the task

Successfully running a family business for 325 years is one hell of a reason to celebrate. Cinoco, one of the oldest wine and spirits merchants in Belgium, thought so as well. Evidently, we were very pleased when they called us to help them organize the events surrounding this celebration, including the creation of a new brand identity, leaflet, videos, and even a mini website.

the solution

It was important to integrate the rich history and the established quality of the brand in the communication. Visually, this is reflected in the gold & dark tones, and the merchant ship in the logo, which echoes a glorious past shining through in the present. For the invitations, we carefully selected a unique kind of paper on which we applied a special printing process. By doing so, we created a product that represents the quality that the Nolet family has strived for since 325 years.





  • 360
  • Brochure
  • Video
  • Website

Pictures of the event: © Olivier Pirard