New Visual Identity For Bicycle Sharing Service Oslo Bysykkel

Design, Identity Published by: Gael DelombreThu, Sep 22, 2016

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Oslo Bysykkel is a bicycle sharing service like Villo! in Brussels. It was launched in 2003 in Oslo, Norway. The bicycle network’s expansion in the Norwegian capital provided a perfect opportunity to offer a new graphic identity, and a new logo. Heydays, a local agency, was entrusted with this beautiful and ambitious project.

A fun, minimalist visual identity.

The collaboration led to a logo with very clean lines. The simplicity of the visual identity is quite striking: a stick font, a single color, a visual that can be read in both directions (two circles and two lines). Heydays’ graphic work provides an abstract illustration of the two elements essential to Oslo Bysykkel: the bicycle and its rider.




The graphics clearly show us a facial expression and a bicycle. The rounded drawings and many expressions that appear based on the logo underscore Heydays’ desire to show Oslo Bysykkel in a user-friendly light.

The visual identity is completely satisfying because it goes further than a simple print application. At a time when digital is booming, when we’re overloaded with visual information every day, Oslo Bysykkel has integrated energy and relevance in its graphic identity by animating its logo. The visual effect draws the attention of future bicycle users, makes them react and creates interaction. The animations are available on the application and on the screens in the bicycle stations.

Oslo Bysykkel offers a new, universally understandable visual identity that is simple, recognizable and relevant to improve the user experience.



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