A Handy Guide to LinkedIn’s Biggest Update Yet

Design, Marketing, Trends Published by: Gael DelombreThu, Feb 02, 2017

While all major social media platforms have recently undergone some serious updates, LinkedIn started to look like a grumpy old man who doesn’t like change. However, with its biggest update yet, LinkedIn finally treats its users with a new design and a much improved user experience.

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Following many online comments, LinkedIn made the experience for their users on their social network much faster and more in coherence with their app. Don’t forget that these users have grown into a steady base of 106 million in 2016!

More than ever, LinkedIn wants to become a “content-first” platform, which places unique content and conversations at the core of their concept. It’s never been easier to share, participate in discussions or discover news about subjects that interest you.

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign 2017

Some of the innovations:

A simplified navigation that puts the users’ skills more in the spotlight and which is more compatible with the mobile version. In the menu you’ll find the 7 core sections: Home, My Network, Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, Me (your profile and settings). In the section “More”, you’ll find things like LinkedIn Groups, Lookup, LinkedIn Learning, …
A more intelligent messenger system allowing for an optimal interaction with your network.


Everything you want to see and change about your “me, myself and I” is centralized in the section “Me”. For example: settings, job postings, your activities, etc.

Highlights is a new section where you can see all things you have in common with the profile of a certain person you’re looking at, such as groups, interests, connections, etc.

LinkedIn will now also suggest skills to add, based on your profile that are in high demand. Interesting to keep in mind when you consider that profiles with at least 5 skills to show have 17 (!) times more views than profiles who have less.

You now have an insight in who is looking at and interacting with the content you shared, including their company and job title . This will give you the chance to contact them and take this into consideration next time you want to share content.

You can check out other changes still to come to the LinkedIn platform on their blog. These changes will make it a lot easier for you to add value to your profile. Graphically speaking, LinkedIn’s look has become a lot more pure and easy to read, allowing for more accessible content.

With its clear focus on content, LinkedIn seems to follow the most important trends in the world of marketing and communication. By extending the principles of B2C content marketing to personal branding, LinkedIn offers its users a wide variety of useful tools to add extra value to their professional profile. We’re looking forward to what other changes they have in store for us!

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