8 Good Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

Marketing Published by: Gael DelombreWed, Apr 26, 2017

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Much too often, the benefits of a blog aren’t taken serious or even looked down upon by our clients. However creating a blog can significantly improve the reputation of your company and turn leads into real clients. After some careful organisation, you won’t even need to sacrifice that much of your precious time to get an efficient blog up and running.

Let’s have a look at 8 good reasons to start your own blog:

  1. Redirect traffic to your company’s website. When you create content, you generate traffic based on a specific group of people interested in your brand. Once you start creating this kind of content more regularly (e.g. once a week), this will even generate up to 5 times more traffic.
  2. Turn your leads into actual clients. Engaging content in combination with a strategic call-to-action will seduce your readers into taking action. The more you blog, the more your readers will become susceptible to this.
  3. Great for SEO (so… a better online visibility). Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo love high quality original content. This content will result in better search results on their websites. Content shared across social media will result in even better search results.
  4. Educate your leads & clients. So they’ll know more about the services you offer and be more inclined to make use of them.
  5. Showcase your expertise to promote your expertise in your sector’s activity and boost your e-reputation.
  6. Humanise your company. Adding a face to your company by posting content about your personal & mutual interests creates a valuable relationship between you and your clients.
  7. Talk about your services in non-commercial terms. This takes away the business aspects of your services and focusses on the added value for your client.
  8. Make influencers share your content. Once important influencers pick up and share your content, your company’s reputation will improve significantly.

Keep in mind that starting your own blog begins with quality content and frequently posting articles. Thinking about how you can integrate your blog in your overall digital strategy (social media, e-mailing, …) might help you reach a greater number of leads.

Moreover, thanks to an in-depth analysis of your results (through for example Google Analytics), you’ll be able to see what kind of articles work for your target group. This gives you a chance to change the direction of your content strategy (or not…). A blog is a communication tool that can help you gain a lot with minimal effort. If done right, of course… What are you waiting for?

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