10 Best Craft Beer Bars of Brussels

Lifestyle, Trends Published by: Mathieu HuygensWed, May 24, 2017

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Brussels as beer capital? Non peut-être fieu! Our lovely city is thick with cosy corners where you can go grab a decent cold one. Although sometimes the menu lacks some originality: Leffe, Jupiler, Chimay, Hoegaarden… Boring! Let’s bid farewell to our beloved old trappists and embark with us on a hoppy trip(le) deep into the exciting universe of craft beer! We present to you our top 10 of craft beer bars in Brussels:


10. L’Amère à Boire

Rue du Belvédère – Place Flagey – Ixelles
In one of the most bustling streets of Flagey, L’Amère à Boire is often filled with young beer amateurs cracking open beers in their natural habitat. Their extensive menu is written with chalk on several walls of this bar.  Brown, hoppy, sour and blonde, … there are dozens of excellent quality beers for everyone’s taste for a reasonable price. A nice bar to go discover some new beers with friends. Keep in mind that during the weekend it can pretty crowded.


9. Monk

Place Sainte Catherine – Bruxelles Centre
Right next to Place Saint Catherine, the Monk is magnificent bar, frequented by a more trendy, and often Flemish, crowd. The menu isn’t enormous, but this is more than generously compensated by the quality of choice. This place is large enough, so finding a spot shouldn’t be too hard. If you get hungry after all those tasty beers, you can get some snacks from their menu, such as home-made dried sausages.

8. Pin Pon

Place du Jeu de Balle – Bruxelles Centre
Situated in the ancient and tiny barrack at Place du Jeu de Balle, Pin Pon is a cosy little restaurant/bar where you can take a refreshing break after your weekend shopping. Especially when the sun is out and you want to enjoy the good weather on their huge terrace. Their beer menu is small, but original with some lesser known Belgian beers, but therefore not less tasty! You’ll notice several beers from Brasserie de la Senne and Cantillon on tap (vive la bière bruxelloise!), and notably the “Pin Pon”, a restaurant exclusive, brewed by the Senne. Bonus point for their original decoration, inspired by the history of the place, such as a counter made of used fire hoses.

7. Ram Dam

Chatelain/Eglise de la Sainte Trinité – Saint-Gilles
A newcomer in the Brussels beer scene, the Ram Dam is defined by its warm atmosphere and a beautiful menu of around 40 different beers. Don’t come for the interior design, but the wooden environment, reminiscent of an old tavern, will make you feel at home in no time. Don’t be shy to ask questions at the bar. It’s their pleasure to help you find your perfect brew.

6. Brew Dog

Gare Centrale – Bruxelles Centre
Brussels’ latest beer hotspot! Brew Dog, the boss of craft beer, opened one of their bars in the city center where you can discover all their IPAs. Their menu is massive with some classics of their brewery, some more experimental beers (an IPA with hot peppers, anybody?) and some “guest” beers. The bar has quickly become a city’s favorite for some after work drinks. Despite the large size of the bar, it can get pretty crowded!

5. Brussels Beer Project Taphouse

Rue Antoine Dansaert – Bruxelles Centre
Brussels Beer Project is one of the few breweries in Brussels and by far the trendiest! You can go check out the brewery and discover some of their most creative beers! They always have some interesting experiments on tap that won’t fail to surprise you. The atmosphere is modern/industrial and at other side of the bar, you have direct access the brewery’s installations. Cool, right?

4. Le Barboteur – Bierothèque

Avenue Louis Bertrand – Schaerbeek
A well-kept secret, but nevertheless worth checking out! The Barboteur is a bar/bottle shop in the center of Schaerbeek, close to Parc Josaphat. You can tell that the owners are passionate about their business: they offer you nothing but la crème de la crème of contemporary craft beers, both Belgian and internationals. Don’t hesitate to let them guide you, there are plenty of lovely treasures to discover!

3. Dynamo – Bar de soif

Chaussée d’Alsemberg – Saint-Gilles
Discretely located, upwards the Chaussée d’Alsemberg, the Dynamo is the perfect spot to discover new beers. Equipped with 20 taps, the bar offers you a menu that keeps on evolving. Whenever a keg is empty, a new beer is added to the menu. You’ll find plenty of English craft beers: IPA’s, porters, seasonal experiments, … A wide range of excellent quality beers, not really known in Belgium. And that’s a shame!

2. Moeder Lambic (Fontainas)

Place Fontainas – Bruxelles Centre
With a rating of 99/100 on Ratebeer, Moeder Lambic is undoubtedly THE bar of choice for beer enthusiasts. The place is cosy with elegant decoration, and no less than 52 beers on tap (!). Their fixed menu presents the Belgian beer top, while their temporary menu presents products that are a bit more rare and experimental, with a more international character. More than enough to discover!

1. Nüetnigenough

Rue du Lombard – Bruxelles Centre
Brussels’ hidden gem! Very famous among beer geeks, but not very known for the Belgian public, Nüetnigenough is a small restaurant that serves “bien de chez nous” food accompanied by rare Belgian beers. The place is tiny and without any fuss, you’ll eat here “à la bonne franquette”! Don’t forget to ask for advice about food/beer pairing. From starters to dessert, they always come up with brilliant pairings for you to discover. Beware though, it’s not possible to make a reservation, and it’s not always easy to find a spot…


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